Switchd Mac Pro Lock

a Mac Pro Lock

SWITCHD is a security lock adapter for the new Apple Mac Pro. It even comes with a cable lock.

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Order - $49   or  Order - $29 (no cable lock)

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Simple Integration

Our kit includes everything you need to quickly switch out the Apple Mac Pro enclosure latch with a new lockable enclosure latch. This type of modification does not effect your product warranty or damage your computer in any way. See our Instruction Guide

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our kit comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a no-questions asked return policy. The modification to the latch does not effect your computer’s warranty or damage the enclosure like some of the competing products. If you are not happy simply send it back for a full refund.

Fair Pricing

We offer the fairest price for the missing security feature on the new Apple Mac Pro. Our Mac Pro Lock includes a cable lock so you have everything you need. We also offer educational and quantity discounts. Contact Us for discounted pricing on quantities of 10 or more.